About Me

I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant over 10 years ago.  My husband has been incredibly supportive all along the way.  The first day I began my gluten free diet, he stopped by the grocery to bring home a loaf of gluten free rice bread.  I was so excited and tore into it immediately, and it was awful!  The next day I decided I’d crumble the bread and put it out for the birds.  To my surprise the birds would not even eat it!  I finally did (disappointedly) sweep it all up. I vowed right then and there, my family and I would never eat this way again and I began my journey of converting recipes from my pre-gluten-free days.  It has been my goal for some time now to share some of them with you.

Along with loving to bake, I also love to paper-craft. They kind of go together when you think about it.  I love to make a nice treat for a friend, or as a thank you, and attach a hand made card or tag. 

Scrapbooking is near and dear to my heart as I want to look back and remember every wonderful moment of my son’s life along the way.  He is such a blessing to our lives. 

So many have asked, "Why Spicy Tulip?"  Long story short, that's my American Indian Name.  :) 

Blogging is a bit intimidating for me, as I am not techno-savy and probably is why it has  taken me so long to begin.  Finally I just said to myself,  “Go for it!.”  I hope you can find the time to enjoy the journey with me. 



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