Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Washi Tape, not just for scrapbooking and cardmaking anymore

Hello my crafty friends!!!!  Washi tape, not just for scrapbooking and cardmaking any more, you can also buddy tape your broken toe with it.  :)   And yes, it holds up under the stress of the day and your hard soled protective shoe.  Take my word for it, no need to break your toe.
Happy Crafting.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to add Xanthan Gum to recipes

Xanthan Gum Additions:

When mixing gluten free flours we normally need to add xanthan gum to recipes.  When using a purchased flour blend mix, it may have xanthan gum or guar gum added, if this is the case you will not need to add xanthan gum.  I always bake with multiple flours so here is how I add xanthan gum:

Cake:  1/4 tsp xanthan per cup of flour called for in the recipe

Bread:   1 tsp xanthan gum per cup of flour called for in the recipe, sometimes you only need 3/4 tsp                per cup of flour.  You will be able to tell by the texture, start small and increase if need be.                  Although I will say, I always use 1 tsp per cup of flour in my breads.  

Pizza Crust:   2 tsp. per 1 cup of flour

Cookies:  1/4 to 1/2 tsp per cup of flour

Happy Baking! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

MFT Television Stamp Set and Die

I cased this card.  I found it on youtube, and I cannot find it back to give credit, of course my foot hurts and I'm not looking that hard.  :)   We celebrate kids day in our house, the 3rd Sunday in July.  I made this card for my son using Stampin' UP! inks and sequins, and My Favorite Things stamp set and die.  This was so fun to make.

Orange Almond Streusel Muffins

 Orange Almond Streusel Muffins


1/4 cup packed brown sugar
2 Tbsp. Almond Flour
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
1 Tbsp. melted butter


1 cup rice flour (I always use brown rice, but white rice is fine)
1/3 cup almond flour
1/4 cup tapioca starch
1/4 cup potato starch
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 tsp. xanthan gum
2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 Tbsp. orange zest
1/2 cup sliced almonds
3/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs


In a small bowl combine brown sugar, almond flour, and cinnamon.  Add melted butter and mix until crumbly.  Set aside streusel topping.

In a large bowl stir together rice flour, almond flour, tapioca starch, potato starch, sugar, xanthan gum, baking powder, baking soda, salt, orange zest, and almonds.  Set aside.

In a separate bowl using an electric mixer, or wire whisk, beat orange juice, oil, and eggs until combined.  Pour over dry ingredients and stir just until combined.  Spoon into prepared lightly greased muffin tin, or can use foil lined muffin cups, foil lined only, otherwise it sticks to the paper.

Sprinkle streusel topping over batter.

Bake in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes, or until firm to the touch.

Remove from the pan immediately, and let cool completely on a wire rack.

Card Packs

I made some cards for a non-profit agency to give as thank you cards.  I primarily used Stampin' UP! and My Favorite Things Products.  I hope you enjoy looking.

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July from Garfield Park, The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and Fireworks

Flag Day in Beautiful Garfield Park

Happy Flag Day!!!!  I know this is a little late in posting.

Just Sayin'

It has been so incredibly long since I posted.  I have been ill this year, I expect full recovery, and then yesterday I broke my pinky toe.  It's always somethin' as Gilda Radner used to say.